Dispensary Web Design

This is a sample of how your dispensary site will look like, and we edit to your preference.
A web site allows you to provide more information to your customers and allow easier contact.
You are not limited on the types of information you want to provide to your customer.
It allows you to interact with your customers easier with customers having ability to contact your faster with a contact form.

Professional Design

While having a site is important for a business, but it is also important to have a modern and professional web design. Appearance is important for a business to look more qualified, where nothing is half-ass, and it is done with style.

Responsive Design

Optimized to work with all mobiles devices, computer, laptops, tablets, and TV, you name it. So no matter what device a customer is using, a responsive design will provide the same information no matter what device is being used. The site will adjust to the screen size of the device to ensure everything to easy to read and navigate.

Quick and Easy Navigation

Customers can find more information about your products easily with our simple to use navigation. When using third party sites, it can be a little complicated to navigate around. A website will makes thing easier from finding prices to the latest products. Users will be able to type the URL and there is all the information they need.

Full Screen Video and Image

Display a video of your store or a custom video on the homepage. Full screen images and videos makes the business more creative and alive that appeals the eyes in showing off your products and store. We all like to see things instead of reading things, so with full screen images, customers will have a creative idea for your products.

Our Prices and What We Offer

We offer very affordable prices for our web design. Starting at $300 and no more than $500 (not including host and domain, which cost around $60 a year with GoDaddy), you can’t beat our prices while web design companies are charging you a monthly fee of a few hundred dollars with an one-time fee of over a few thousand dollars. Don’t believe us, get a quote from multiple web design companies.

We offer free support after the website is completed to ensure your site is working properly. If you are looking for someone to help you run your website and update things on your site, we charge a monthly fee of $20 a month, which will be completed within a few days of request. This is optional, but we will always ensure your site is working corectly.

    Free Additional Features

  • On-page SEO
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster setup
  • Submission to Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • WordPress installation
  • Set up domain and host if needed
  • Ensure site is running property

    What We Require

  • Must provide logo, video, and images
  • Provide product description and images
  • Provide host and domain (Can set up if needed)
  • Content
  • Any other information needed to be added
  • Sample sites if interested in a different design
  • Color schemes

Why Your Dispensary Should Have a Site?

  • Attract customers through different sources
  • Provides more information about dispensary
  • Give customers a better interaction with the business
  • Images and videos give customers better idea of what you offer
  • Makes the company more professional
  • Unlimited information you can share with customer
  • Great upside with almost no downside
  • Allows you to write your own content or share your thoughts without censorship
  • Easier for customer to reach you